Be Prepared for a Loss of Power

Ask your electrical contractor about purchasing a generator in Dover, Greenland & Portsmouth, NH

Power outages are unpredictable. They occur without notice, and it's impossible to know exactly how long they will last. At Eastern Electric, LLC, we don't want you to be without power indefinitely until service is restored.

So, what's the answer to that problem? It's time to take advantage of our generator installation services. As your electrical contractor, we can have a new generator installed on our property in no time. We've got the power needed to power your home all year long.

Don't go without electrical services for any length of time. Use our generator installation services to install the right generator for your property in Dover, Greenland & Portsmouth, NH.

Make sure to get the right size generator

Make sure to get the right size generator

How do you know what size generator you will need? It's simple to figure out. Start by making a list of all the appliances and devices that absolutely must keep running if there's a power outage. That list might look like this:

  • Refrigerator

  • Furnace or boiler
  • Well pump
  • Sump pump
  • First-floor bathroom
  • A couple of lighting circuits
  • Garage door opener

Next, look at how much electricity these items use in an hour. You'll need a generator that's capable of powering these for at least a few hours. Talk to your local electrical contractor about our generator installation services and how this device can help you power your home in Dover, Greenland & Portsmouth, NH.