Your Lighting May Not Be Doing All It Can

Get more energy-efficient fixtures with retrofit lighting in Dover, Greenland & Portsmouth, NH

A lighting retrofit sounds like a complicated procedure, but it's simply an upgrade to your current light fixtures or lamps. Generally, a retrofit is done to increase the energy efficiency of your home. A retrofit can also improve you light levels and take care of any lighting repairs you've been putting off..

If your home has dim, unreliable lighting or fixtures that burn too much energy, turn to Eastern Electric, LLC for a lighting retrofit. You can depend on our crew to take on your retrofit lighting project right away.

Call 603-833-7033 today plan your retrofit lighting in Dover, NH. We'll help you use less energy and have a more attractive home.

Why should you consider a lighting upgrade?

Why should you consider a lighting upgrade?

There are so many excellent reasons to invest in a lighting upgrade. It may not seem like a big change, but upgrading your fixtures and lamps can save you both time and money on your electrical services. A retrofit lighting installation allows you to:

  • Know the cost of lighting your home
  • Reduce energy use in your home
  • Receive incentives from your local utility

It's time to upgrade those lights. Contact your electrical contractor today to schedule your upgrade in Dover, Greenland & Portsmouth, NH.